Cary Products makes every effort to produce the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price, but since we have no control over their end use, or replacement cost in the field, we cannot accept the responsibility of an extended warranty.

We must assume that you have tested and accepted all our plastic products for performing the function for which you have chosen and/or accepted in design, including any reactions due to oil leakage from blower motors. In view of this, we feel that our obligation to you is to continue to furnish you the quality of product that you originally accepted. However, if during your inspection, you find any defective plastic part due to material or manufacture, and you call for an authorized return of that part within thirty (30) days of the ship date to you, we will replace it at no charge to you upon approval of the inspected returns.

For a blower assembly motor, it is your final responsibility to inspect, test, and accept the motor product for performing the function for which you have chosen and/or accepted the design. This includes any reactions due to motor oil leakage, any environmental measures against dust and/or dirt, excessive heat or cold, and any fire and hazardous applications. Furthermore, you must ensure that any motor product is properly grounded, and that fuse-protected motor circuit(s) is(are) compliant with local and federal electrical codes.

However, if during your inspection and/or use of the motor product it should fail, and you call us for an authorized return of that motor product within the motor manufacturer’s warranty period, we will replace only the motor at no charge to you after the motor manufacturer’s inspection, approval, and provision with the replacement motor. No warranties are given of any kind, expressed or implied, to certain overseas motors and/or to specified motors by customers to use in our blower assemblies. Because we have no control over the blower assembly and motor end-use, we cannot accept any replacement costs in the field, any liabilities, damages, or consequential incidents of any kind arising from its application(s), use, and/or misuse by the purchaser, your employees, or your customers.

Beyond this, we accept no further responsibility.

Contact us and let us know the specifications of the parts you need. We are proud to serve clients both nationwide and worldwide.