Plastic Blower Wheels

Cary Products manufactures a wide range of plastic blower wheels, fans, and blower housings both motorized and non-motorized for use in the residential and commercial HVAC market. We also produce both custom and proprietary air conditioning products depending on your specific needs.

Designing Plastic Blower Fans

Although we specialize in both directive and air movement components, we are also experts in metal-to-plastic conversion services. Our team designs and produces support equipment like drain pans, frames, face plates, and plastic guarding.

HVAC Blower Wheels

Our balancing machines allow us to produce balanced HVAC blower wheels for your blower applications. Balancing wheels and blower fans in the molding process allows for each specific motor to have the same balance characteristics throughout.

The advantages of plastic injection-molded air movement components versus metal ones include:

  • Lighter
  • Has Memory
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Spark Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Can Be Less Expensive
  • Can Be Easier to Assemble
  • More Consistent Balancing
  • Can Be Dropped and Still Function Perfectly

Contact us to supply your company’s plastic blower wheels and fans. We are proud to serve clients both nationwide and worldwide.