Our customers rely on our engineering team to bring their concept to life, we review the feasibility and moldability to develop the most efficient and repeatable methods of manufacturing at a competitive price. Our experts work closely with you, our customers, with openness and integrity.
Our engineers use the latest version of Solid Works CAD software to give the opportunity to view 3-D models of the design prior to committing to the final design. Our engineers have extensive experience in the development of vehicle HVAC and consumer products.
As part of our commitment to providing superior service, we have the ability to take a preexisting or new product and designs to fill the requirements of whatever application the customer needs to get their next project off the ground.
Our passion for what we do is to deliver top-quality design work—on time and within budget. From blower wheel design, custom fan design, and more, we have what it takes to deliver the results our customer wants. Cary engineering has proven over the years new innovative and creative design solutions to meet what our customers want to see developed for the industry they serve.

Our areas of expertise in designing and prototyping cover the following:

  • Any Custom-Designed Plastics
  • Automotive Louvers
  • Airflow Movement Components
  • Metal-to-Plastic Conversions
  • Automotive Interior Components
  • Cosmetic and Non-Cosmetic Support Components
  • Prototyping