Custom Thermoforming

A Thermothermo 5
Here at Cary Products, we offer custom Vacuum Forming. When a lower tooling cost and lower production volume solution is needed, Vacuum Forming may fit your needs.
Vacuum Forming is a process in which a flat sheet of thermoplastic material is heated until soft, it is then draped over a mold, and vacuum is applied to pull the material tightly against the mold to form a part. The key advantages to Vacuum Forming are lower tooling costs and quicker turn-around time. This makes the process ideal for large parts, prototyping, R & D, and can also be an excellent solution for long term, low volume production.
We are equipped with 3 Vacuum Forming machines to meet your production and prototyping needs. These machines feature some of the latest technology to provide faster cycle times, more consistency, and even part thickness, all of which equate to lower cost and a higher quality product. Our machines can accommodate sheet sizes from 24”x24” all the way up to 48”x96” and thicknesses up to 0.250.