Custom Thermoforming

Our custom thermoforming department at Cary Products allows us to handle the lower volumes and prototypes sometimes necessary when developing new product lines. With our engineering staff and CNC (computer numerical control) machines we can take concepts and turn them into production-quality parts within a short time frame.

We do not trim our parts out by hand, but instead we use fixtures and our CNCs to cut the parts to maintain a high level of quality and consistency. Our thermoforming department consists of 3 thermoforming machines: 5ft x 8ft, 4ft x 5ft, and 4ft x 4ft.

Superior Plastic Part Production

We make our wood tools in house, which is perfect for the projects that do not require an injection mold. If higher volumes are required, we have excellent aluminum tool options. We have experience with deep-draw parts and have perfected our processing methods to consistently make quality products. We have the right custom services to accommodate your company’s request.

Contact us for our efficient thermoforming services. We are proud to serve clients both nationwide and worldwide.