Custom Routing

Do you need routing done or custom molds built? Our 5 axis CNC routing can do the routing required on a product or tool. Cary Products is a full-service production facility offering CNC service in addition to plastics manufacturing.

CNC machining can aid in every step of the production process, whether producing parts directly, making prototypes, finishing parts, or making tools for other production processes. We have a 5 axis CNC (computer numerical control) routing machine with an 8ft x 5ft table as well as a 3 axis router, also with an 8ft x 5ft table. We have another smaller 5 axis router (5ft x 5ft ) which can cut aluminum.

What Is a 5 Axis CNC Router?

This type of CNC milling machine uses a movable bed, allowing both the tool head and the stock to change position.

This has four main benefits:

  • More complex cuts can be taken, reducing or eliminating the need for hand finishing.
  • Since the bed can reposition the part, fewer setups are required to complete complex designs.
  • The added range of motion allows shorter cutting tools to be used, reducing vibrations and increasing cutting speeds.
  • Operations that would need to be done on multiple machines can be done at one CNC center. That means the part can stay in the same position relative to the tooling during the entire cutting process.

Altogether, the result is faster production, lower costs, better finishes, and higher accuracy than with other machining methods.

From Idea to Product

CNC-machined products begin with CAD designs directly from your development department or created with the help of our staff.

The CNC machine can follow the instructions to make near-perfect duplicate parts time after time. To ensure quality, the CNC operator monitors the process, measuring finished parts and making adjustments to ensure each piece is within specifications. Modifications to the CAM instructions can be made on the fly to adjust for tooling wear, ensuring each part meets tolerances.

CNC Prototyping

Customers looking to use our other production capabilities can still benefit from CNC manufacturing through rapid prototyping. The machine can cut and form a replica part using the same plastics planned for production, giving you the chance to verify the design. Once the prototype design has been approved, its layout can then be used to make tooling for faster, cheaper manufacturing methods, such as injection molding and thermoforming.

Production Tooling

We can build the molds for thermoforming in house for use in production. This is essentially the same process as making the prototype, except now production volumes can be run. That means quick turnaround times when developing a new product line. For superior service, turn to us for your custom routing needs.

Contact us for our accurate CNC routing. We are proud to serve clients both nationwide and worldwide.